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How To Activate Your Payme Link

Nan aktik sa, mwen pral moutre'w fason ou kapab aktive lyen Payme ou

First of all, what is Payme?

Payme is a functionality where anyone can pay you with a credit card or mastercard even with PayPal without even needing to be on the platform and the money will go to your account on the platform

Yes even when you were in Haiti

When you have access together with him
You need to go to the section labeled Settings

Then you need to click on the place labeled Payme Setting

By default, they can simply send a max of $200 usd on it to you. If you would like to receive more, you will need to upgrade to receive more on your account. If you do not verify your identity, you cannot use this functionality

Once you click on it
You should get a menu where you can combine these two pieces of information

Profile Image
Company Name
Facebook Link
Instagram Username
Twitter Username

Once you have put this information together
You simply click on the place labeled Update

After updating the setting
You need to go to the dashboard to see the link
It's supposed to look like this
This is the link you need to send to the person paying you

When you send the link to the person paying you
This is how it appears on the system

The person can pay you by one of these options
Google Pay

I like all these options
It's part of AfterPay, Affirm, or PayPal credit
That is, if the person chooses one of these options
It can be paid in installments every 2 weeks
And you get all the money

Yes, it sounds like something that has never been done
We do it ourselves

Le'l finn chwazi Pay with Card oswa with PayPal lan
Lap senpleman mete information
Epi menm kote ou wap jwenn montan an sou balans

If the person always has PayPal too
He can pay you directly with PayPal without having to be on the platform
Simply click on the place labeled Pay with PayPal

Once you have received the payment. You can even make cash withdrawals at the daily rate without even having to go to the bank. Yes, we can send it to you directly to my cash account. You simply write to us and we will help you make the withdrawal without problems

Updated on: 08/09/2022

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