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How to make a transfer to someone

In this article, I will show you how to make a transfer to someone on the PG Rewards platform

The first step you take
Go to the part marked "Transfer".

Once you reach the transfer part
You can combine these two data
The email of the person you are sending
The amount you are sending to the person

The moment you put the amount with the person's email
The system will ask you to confirm the transaction
You simply click on the place marked Confirm to be able to confirm the transaction
Verify the amount together with everything neutral
Because since you click on Confirm, the transaction will go to the person
It is important to confirm the transaction because you can not return the amount yet

The moment you confirm the transaction
You and the person you are sending the transaction to will receive a confirmation email
Here's how the email can appear

If everything goes well
The system will also update your balance
If you notice in the beginning
You have $8,064.00
We now have $7,862.18
This means that the transaction goes to the person

Yayyy congratulations for making the transfer!

Updated on: 09/09/2022

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