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BUH vs PG Rewards

Here are the differences between our card and the BUH card

BUH: There is an annual fee that it charges you
PG: Since you recharge the balance, you do not have to pay any fees

BUH: The money that you have on the BUH is fixed, which means you don't really know how much fixed money you have on the card because the rate changes every day.
PG: When you have $10 usd on PG Rewards, it's $10 usd that you have because the money is in dollars

BUH: On every transaction you make with the BUH card, you pay an international fee
PG: Since you have reloaded your card on PG Rewards, you do not pay any international fees because the card is an international card

BUH: To top up the BUH card, you have to go to the Bank and wait in lines for up to 3 hours.
PG: With our card, you don't even need to go out to recharge it

BUH: You cannot link the BUH card with PayPal
PG: You can connect us to PayPal without problems

BUH: A foreigner cannot deposit money on your BUH card,
PG: With our card, anyone in any country can deposit money on it with PayPal, MasterCard, Credit Card, even with any Bank in the USA

BUH: They ask you $5 usd to reload card and they will charge you on every transaction. This means that if you recharge for $300 usd, you may pay $5 usd to recharge, but when you do international transactions it may even come to you +$30 usd.
PG: With our card you pay a single recharge fee which is the daily rate + 7% with a minimum fee of $1 usd

BUH: To create a card at BUH, they ask you for a package of documents that you may not even have and the card takes 2 months before you get it.
PG: Our card, once you've verified your identity and topped up your balance, is the same place you found your virtual card. If you want to pass the physical order, in less than a month you will get a physical card. While waiting for the physical card, you can start using your virtual card

BUH: The BUH card has a set of two sides that it does not pass
PG: The card goes through a lot of places. You can find the list of places that our map passes on this link

Updated on: 08/09/2022

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