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How to see the card number

I will show you how you can see together the map information

To see the card number
You need to create a PIN
A PIN is a 6-digit number that you combine where only you know these 6 numbers
Even the founder who built the platform does not know how to code

Once you've created it, you can't modify it or change it, it's important to make sure you remember it

You need to go to the part marked Setting
When you get there
Click on the place marked Create your one time PIN

You need to enter your 6 digit PIN
It is important to remember him because no one else knows him but you
Once you wear it
Click on Create your PIN

You should see a screen like this that tells you that it is created
We remind you that you do not see the PIN or change it, or modify it

Now you will need to go to your Dashboard part
When you get to the dashboard part
You see a small eye in the map
You need to click on it

Once you click on it
It will ask you for the PIN you entered
You are entering the PIN
And you click on the place labeled Submit your PIN

If everything goes well
Ou ta sipoze ka we tout information de kat ou an
Ou ka itilize'l pou'w achte en ligne epi wap wè transaction yo la

Updated on: 08/09/2022

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