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Daily Rate

Here is the daily rate that we have for the day

Daily Deposit Rate
$1 usd => 125.17 gdes + Fees

$1 usd => 117 gdes

Bank: +7% fees
Mon Cash: +10% fees

NB: Minimum recharge is $5 usd
An agent can give it to you for less than our posted rate
But he is not supposed to give you more than that rate

1. Why do we charge 10% as a fee for my cash?
- Our fee is 7% we charge, but Mon Cash has a fee that it takes when we withdraw by Mon Cash. It comes out equal to 10%

2. Why is our rate higher than the banks?
- We use the rates that Visa charges banks in Haiti. This means that if you have a card in the banks in Haiti, it is the rate that they charge you with the card you have when you do online transactions. You can find more details on this link -

3. Is there any other way I can recharge?
- Yes, there are 7 other ways that you can recharge your balance.

Updated on: 08/09/2022

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