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Top up your balance with PayPal

In this article we will show you how you can recharge your balance with PayPal or MasterCard/Visa credit card

The first thing you do
You need to go to the part called Balance
When you get there
Enter the amount you want to recharge
You have entered the amount you want
Click on the button labeled Pay with PayPal

You need to confirm the transaction
Once you have verified the transaction
Click Agree

When you get to that part
You will get a package of options from PayPal
You can even pay with a credit card or mastercard
If you always have the option to pay later on PayPal
You can do this without problems

You will need your PayPal account email
If you are always in the test version
You can use the email you see posted
If you are not in the test version
You need to enter your correct email address

And then you put your password
When you enter your password
Only PayPal knows the password you enter
Even our system is not aware of your password
After entering your paypal password
You simply click on Login

If you always have some cards attached to your PayPal account
You can choose these in this part
You can even pay with PayPal credit if PayPal approves you

When you're done
You simply click on the place marked Pay now

If everything passes
The payment should go through without problems
And you should see a page like this that shows that the payment went well

Since the payment is all over
You will also receive a confirmation email confirming that the payment went through

Yayyy you just learned how to recharge your balance with PayPal

Updated on: 08/09/2022

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