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How to create a virtual card

In this article I will show you how to create your own virtual card


If you do not already have an account on the platform
I advise you to create an account on the platform

Once you have the account on the platform
You will need to go to the location marked on the Virtual Card
When you get to the party
You can put the name you want on the card
And you put the amount of money you want on the card
When you're done, click the Create your virtual card button

Click on the button
The system should ask you to confirm the transaction
The amount you put will go to the card
You simply pay the card fee that the system charges you

You should get your card created below
In this section, you will find all the lists of cards that you have created on the system
You click on the map you just created

You will find a package of the card
To finalize the card
You simply click on the location marked View Virtual Card

When finished
Finding a site labeled "redeem"
Click on it

When you click on it
You should find an option where you can also get the information you want on the map or select the country
You choose the country you are in
And when you choose the country you are in
Simply click on "Virtual Visa International" to complete the rest of the process

The system will take you to where you can receive text or email
It is important to select because someone is trying to make transactions on your card
The system will notify you that a transaction has taken place on the system

Once you have entered this information
Your card takes a few seconds to create

Once your card is created
You can simply refresh the page to see the map
If you see them ask you to redeem the card again
Don't worry, just click on it to see the map

You should see an option marked view card
You click on it and it should be sent directly to the map

If all goes well
You should see such a screenshot
With all the card information to buy online

Yayyy card you created!
Now you can start trading the card as you wish

If ever you USA
The system will ask you for more information
Epi billing adress ou an ap adress ke wap mete an

Updated on: 26/05/2022

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