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Questions and Answers in the PG Rewards Program

Here is a list of frequently asked questions about the platform:

1- Do I need access to the mastercard?
- You will need to create an account on the platform, and you will be able to create unlimited mastercard / visa cards for your body. To access the platform, you will need to fill out this form

2- By what means can I recharge my account?
- You can recharge your account by one of these means:
a: Mon Cash, send the money to this number +509 4499 8780, the name is Esterling Accime.
b: Credit card, go to this link
c: Not an agent, enter the Telegram group and ask who is an agent, yes we have agents sain Domingue nor Haiti.
d: No deposit, yes we have bank accounts in Haiti, USD and Gourdes.
e: By transfer, contact us and we will give you info.

3- Eske mwen ka fè retrè?
- Yes you can withdraw on the platform.

4: How do I withdraw?
- Here's how you can withdraw
a: Not an agent, write in our Telegram group, ask an agent to help.
b: On PayPal, functionality will be available on May 2.
c: No bank, only US people who can use this option, will be available on May 9.
d: A friend of yours, yes if someone is on the platform, he can give you the money in cash and you make a transfer for him.

5- Can I buy crypto on it?
- No, unfortunately many visa or mastercard cards do not allow you to buy crypto, but we will have that option very soon.

6- Can I buy on Amazon or anywhere online?
- Yes, you can buy anywhere visa or mastercard is accepted.

7- Can I get the physical card?
- Yes, but this option is available only to people in the USA.

8- Can I recharge the virtual card?
- You can recharge your balance, but you can't recharge the virtual card, but you can create as many virtual cards as you want and put the money on your balance on it.

9- What is the maximum amount of money I can put on the virtual card?
- You can put a maximum of $ 1000 usd on the virtual card, but you can earn unlimited money on the system.

10- I can't create a mastercard / visa card for someone else, what does that do?
- You can simply create a mastercard / visa virtual card for yourself, if you want to create the virtual card for others, you will need to become an agent.

11- How to create an account on the platform?
- Only an invitation can be received. Fill out this form to access, or ask someone who is already on the platform.

12- How do I become an agent?
- If you are a student, you simply pay $ 0 usd to start, and $ 99 usd per month, but if you are not a student, you pay $ 99 usd for onboarding fees and $ 99 usd per month.

13- How do I become a student at PGecom?
- Go to, and buy any paid training And you will also become a student, yes there is training that is $ 15 usd on it.

14- I attended a free PGecom seminar or training, Am I a PGecom student?
- No, you have to take a paid training.

15- I bought the first PGecom training, Am I a student?
- Yes.

16- Can I also get $ 99 usd on my balance sheet?
- No, you pay to have access to the agent's account, and monthly fees. With this system, you can make more than $ 300 USD as a child each month.

17- What do I get as an agent?
- You can create unlimited Mastercard cards for anyone in the world, you can send money to people on the platform, you get the minutes at the best price, etc.

18- I don't have $ 99 usd to become an agent, what should I do?
- You can use the platform for free, but you can't create Mastercard cards for others other than yourself.

19- Do I need a PayPal account to send money to someone on PayPal?
- No, you don't need a PayPal account to pay someone on their PayPal, you just need the person's email. PayPal functionality will be available soon. You can test it in simulation version.

20- Can I buy on Amazon, Alibaba, AliExpress with the card?
- Yes, you can do it without problems.

21- Can I send money to someone at Western Union, or the transfer office?
- You will not be able to do this on our system.

22- Can I get money on the system?
- Yes, anyone can send money to the system for you. He just needs your email.

23- How do I access the system?
- Currently only agents have access to the system. We'll give you access soon.

24- Can I use the system if I am from Haiti, Saint Domingue?
- Yes, you can use the system wherever you are. Since your country is not on the list of countries banned by the USA.

25- Sim in Haiti, Can I recharge a phone from someone in Santo Domingo?
- Yes you can do this without any problems. You can recharge your phone to anyone in more than 120 countries.

26- Can I recharge both Natcom and Digicel?
- Yes you can do this without any problems.

27- Can I take the money on the card and put it on my balance?
- Yes.

28- Can I recharge my balance with my cash?
- Yes you can do that, you just send the amount to our My Cash account, and we will recharge your balance.

29- What is our Cash Number?
- Here's My Cash Information:
Name: Esterling Accime
Number: +509 4499 8780

30- I created a virtual card in the USA, but is it still processing?
- Yes, USA virtual cards take time to process, but you can create one for someone to pay for its origin.

31- Do we have a mobile application?
- No, we haven't yet, but it will be coming soon.

32- Can I invite anyone I want?
- Yes, you can invite anyone you want, but don't invite anyone. Because if that person invites you to commit an act on the platform, your account may be temporarily blocked.

33- I'm in the USA, I created a virtual mastercard / visa card, I haven't found it yet, what does that do?
- The creation of four USA cards takes more time, so be patient, you will find it anyway.

34- Is the Platform free to use?
- Yes, the platform is free to use. You simply pay the transaction fee.

35- I recharge my balance with a credit card / mastercard, I can't get the money?
- Yes the money goes, just refresh the page, and you will see the new amount appear.

35- How much do we charge for a transaction?
- It will depend on the transaction you are making on the platform. Here is a list of transactions:
a: If you make a transfer, it's free, but the recipient of the transfer, we charge 8%, that is, if you send $ 10 usd to someone, the person pays $ 0.5, yes that little bit.
b: If you create a virtual mastercard / visa card, we charge you 8%, which means if you deposit $ 10 usd, you pay $ 0.8 usd for the card.
c: If you recharge your credit card balance, we simply charge you the credit card fee, which means you pay 5% transaction.
Each transaction you make, you will find a summary of the fees.

36- I would like to do an interview with the CEO, how do I do that?
- Just write us on Facebook and we can help you organize it.

37- What is the difference between an agent or a simple user?
- An agent can do two things together:
a: It can create unlimited mastercard / visa card for others, a simple user can create mastercard / visa card simply for him.
b: An agent can make money on the platform, a user can simply make a transaction or recharge his balance.
c: An agent finds the minutes cheaper, a simple user pays the normal price.
d: An agent gets a reduction in the cost of the virtual card, a simple user pays the normal card price.

38- I see I have $ 5000 usd on my account, can I use it?
- Since you see $ 5000 usd on your account, it's because you're in the simulation part. This means that every transaction you are testing with $ 5000 usd is a test.

39- I've tested it, I'm fine, I need to launch now, what can I do?
- You will simply fill out this form so we can give you access to where you can make the right transaction.

40- Can I associate the card with my PayPal account?
- Yes you can do that without problems.

41- Can I get the transaction details?
- Yes.
Here is the list of transaction fees:

- Credit card recharge: 5%
- Top Up Refill: 0%
- Transferred: 5%
- Virtual Card (Visa): 8%
- Offline Recharge: 0% (My Cash, Banking, Western Union, etc.)

- Credit card top-ups: 4%
- Top Up Refill: 0% (More minutes)
- Transfer: 0%
- Virtual Card (Visa): 4%
- Offline Recharge: 0% (Cash, Banking, Western Union, etc)

41- Can I transfer or pay for subscriptions like Netflix plans?
- No, you cannot use the card to make or pay any subscriptions with it.

We hope this answers your questions!

Updated on: 26/05/2022

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