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PG Rewards Program Questions and Answers

Here is a list of questions that many people ask frequently on the platform

1- I need access with the mastercard?
- You need to create an account on the platform, and you can create unlimited mastercard/visa cards for yourself when you have verified your identity on the platform. In order to access the platform, you will create an account on this link

2- How can I recharge my account?
- You can recharge your account by one of these means
a: Mon Cash, use this link Mon Cash you can find a list of agents who can help you
b: Credit card, go to this link, Card
c. By PayPal, you can follow more on this link, PayPal
d. If you have a friend who is on the platform, he can recharge your balance, follow this action
e. With the Payme functionality, anyone can top up your balance without being on the platform. Follow this arctic
g. You can even top up your balance with CashApp

3- Can I withdraw?
- Yes, you can withdraw money from the platform. Withdrawal by USA bank with PayPal is coming very soon

4: How do I withdraw?
- Here's how you can withdraw
a: Not an agent, write in our Telegram group, ask an agent to help
b: On PayPal, yes you can withdraw on PayPal too (This functionality will come back again)
c: Not banks, only people in the USA who can use this option, yes any bank in the USA
d: A friend of yours, yes if someone is on the platform, he can give you the money in cash and you make a transfer for him

5- Can I buy crypto on it?
- Yes, you can buy crypto directly on the platform, but you can't buy it together with the card yet

6- Can I buy on Amazon or anywhere online?
- Yes, you can buy anywhere they accept visa or mastercard

7- Can I get the physical card?
- Yes, you can find it. You simply pay $50 usd, and we will send it to you in Haiti. This option is valid for Port au prince selam people. We are coming together with the Dominican Republic and Chile very soon

8- Can I recharge the virtual card?
- Yes, you can recharge the card without problems. Any money you receive on the platform is also available on your card

9- What is the maximum amount that I can put on the virtual card?
- We do not have a maximum that you can have on it, but we have a maximum of two transactions that you can make per day on it which is $500 usd. If you would like us to increase it, write to us at the customer service

10- I see that I cannot create a mastercard/visa card for someone else, what, who did that?
- You can simply create a mastercard/visa virtual card for yourself, if you want to create a virtual card for others, you will need to become an agent

11- How to create an account on the platform?
- You can only get an invitation. You are creating an account on this link

12- How to become an agent?
- To become an agent, you can find all the information on this agent link

13- Can I buy on Amazon, Alibaba, AliExpress with the card?
- Yes, you can do it without problems

14- Can I send money to someone on Western Union, or transfer offices
- No, you will not be able to do this on our system

15- Can I receive money on the system?
- Yes, anyone on the system can send money to you on the system. You just need your email. If the person is not on the system, you will need to access the Payme functionality

16- If I am in Haiti, Saint Domingue, can I use the system?
- Yes, anywhere you are you can use the system. Since your country is not on the list of countries banned by the USA

17- Sim in Haiti, Can I recharge a phone of someone in Saint Domingue?
- Yes, you can do that without problems. You can recharge the phone of anyone you want in more than 120 countries in the world

18- Can I recharge Natcom with Digicel?
- Yes, you can do that without problems

19- Can I recharge my balance with My Cash?
- Yes, you can do this, you simply get in touch with an agent on this link

20- Do we have a mobile application?
- No, we haven't yet, but you can download the app on IOS or Android

21- Is the Platform free to use?
- Yes, the platform is free to use. You simply pay the recharge fee. You can see how much our fees are on this calculator

22- I recharge my balance with a credit card/mastercard, I don't get the money?
- Yes, the money is gone, simply refresh the page, and you will see the new amount appear

23- How much do we charge for a transaction?
- It will depend on the transaction you are doing on the platform. We encourage you to look at all our fees on this link

24- I would like to do an interview with the CEO, how do I do that?
- Simply write to us on Facebook and we can help you organize it

25- I see that I have $5000 usd on my account, can I use it?
- Since you see $5000 usd on your account, it is because you are in the simulation part. This means that all the transactions that you are doing with this $5000 are tests

26- I have tested it, I am in shape, I need to launch now, what should I do
- You simply create an account on this link so that we can give you access to where you can make the proper transaction

27- Can I associate the card with my PayPal account?
- Yes, you can do that without problems

28- Can I get the transaction details?
- Yes, you can find all the details of fees with our calculator

29- Can I pay subscriptions like the Netflix plan?
- Yes, you can do it without problems

30- Where can I transact with the card?
- You can make transactions on both of these places, Amazon, Ebay, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Netflix, you can go to this link to get a detailed list article/here-is-a-list-of-where-to-use-the-card-in-74e58s/

31- Is the card free?
- No, to have the card, you need to pay $8 usd to create the card for you.

32- Is the old card rechargeable?
- No, it is not rechargeable. Since the card appears in your dashboard, it is reloadable

33- How long is the card valid for?
- It is valid for 3 years

34- Do we charge you for international transactions?
- No. You do not have any international transaction fees that you pay on the card

We hope this answers your questions!

Updated on: 08/09/2022

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