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How To Activate Your Payday Link

In this article, I will show you how to activate your Payme link

First of all, what is Payme?

Payme is a feature where anyone can pay you by credit card or mastercard and the money is credited to your account.

Yes platform, even when you were in Haiti!

Once you have access to it
You will need to go to the section marked Setting

Then you will need to click on the location marked Payme Setting

Once you click on it you should find a menu where you can put these two pieces of information together
Profile Image
Company Name
Facebook Link
Instagram Username
Twitter Username

Once you have put together this information you will simply click on the Update tab

Once you have updated the setting, you will need to go to the dashboard part to see the link.
It should look like this. This is the link you need to send to your payer.

When you send the link to your payer, it appears on the system

Updated on: 27/05/2022

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